Wills are relatively straightforward documents which set forth a clear plan for the distribution of one's assets and the handling of other personal matters at death.  Carl can customize Wills for individuals or for couples to make sure nothing is left to chance. For small to average sized estates, a Will can be used along with other planning techniques to achieve very cost effective results and, yes, even avoid lengthy and potentially costly Probate.

Assets can include, and are not limited to:  your home, cars and other items of personal property, various retirement plans, all types of financial accounts and life insurance. 

Wills usually work best for individuals or couples with small to average sized estates and limited beneficiaries.  A Will can provide for adult and/or minor children, and other special matters.

Please allow Carl to explain how a Will, either simple or more complex, can be a central part of your estate planning.

For larger, more complex estates, though, a Will might not be enough. You may wish to consider a Trust.