Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are documents by which a person (called a "Principal") appoints another person or persons (called the "Agent" or "Agents") to perform various tasks for the Principal.  Powers of Attorney are usually created to become effective only upon one's inability to act due to physical or mental incapacity.  However, they can also be created to become effective immediately.  Ask Carl which might be best for you.

It is important to understand that Powers of Attorney can only be created when a person is of sound mind. This is crucial to avoid possible litigation and to avoid the burdensome and costly possibility of a Court supervised Guardianship/Conservatorship.

General Durable Powers of Attorney (for financial purposes) give authority to handle numerous day-to-day affairs such as handling checking and savings accounts, tax returns, investment accounts, mortgage or rent payments and other, similar matters.  Carl can customize your General Durable Power of Attorney for your specific needs.

Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care give authority to handle health related matters such as choice of doctors, hospitals, medications, treatments and other, similar matters.  Carl can tailor your Health Care Power of Attorney to your liking.

Your Powers of Attorney, though often overlooked or glossed over, should be carefully considered as very important parts of your Estate Planning.