Probate is the legal process by which a deceased person's Estate is properly distributed to his or her heirs.  This only includes assets which are not otherwise distributed by beneficiary designations and other non-probate transfer methods.  Ask Carl about various non-probate transfer methods which avoid Probate.  In addition, any debts which the deceased person may have owed to creditors are extinguished.

Frequently, Estates are distributed to heirs according to directions set forth in a deceased's Will.  However, if a person dies without a valid Will, state law provides a plan for the distribution of the Estate.  Carl is experienced in handling Estates with or without Wills.

Many people fear the prospect of Probate.  Truly, if improperly handled by an inexperienced attorney, Probate can be costly, burdensome  and lengthy. However, if Probate is necessary, Carl can help ease your fears by explaining and clarifying the mysteries of the process.  

Allow Carl to help you understand the various forms of Probate.

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