Larger Estates

Larger to extremely large Estates (in Missouri, over $40,000.00 in value or much more) are handled though the standard, full probate process.  Any and all assets owned by a decedent at death not otherwise distributed by certain non-probate procedures (such as to beneficiaries of life insurance, financial accounts, retirement accounts, etc.) are included. These Estates may follow a decedent's directions set forth in his or her Will, or if there is no Will, state law will direct how the Estate is to be distributed.  

Probate of full Estates such as these can be considerably complex, as various, detailed state statutes must be strictly observed.  Full Estates also have extended time frames (the Estate Administration period), based upon these state statutes.

Although handling larger, full Estates may appear at first to be overwhelming and expensive, Carl's extensive experience will guide you and loved ones through the various rules to make the process understandable and surprisingly cost efficient.