Smaller Estates

Smaller Estates come in various sizes and forms.

Some very small Estates can be handled quite easily, and maybe without the assistance of an attorney. These Estates typically include such assets as very small bank accounts, older automobiles, checks made payable to a decedent, etc. There are streamlined procedures for surviving spouses, for example.  Similar procedures exist for creditors of a decedent, and include persons who paid for burial expenses of a decedent.  Ask Carl about which facts might apply to your particular situation.

An Affidavit for Collection of Small Estate can be used for other relatively small Estates (in Missouri, under $40,000.00 in value). Using an Affidavit for Collection of Small Estate allows a person or persons entitled to the property of a decedent to obtain and distribute the property without having to go through the much more complicated and lengthy process of probating a larger, full Estate.  This form of Probate takes a bit more time and effort, but Carl can walk you through the necessary steps to make this process understandable and cost efficient.